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**Sold-Out** Pint of Science: A Journey Through Galaxies

Don't Miss Out
Time: Wednesday 6.00pm
Cost: Sold-Out
Our galaxy is just one of hundreds of billions in the universe. Are the others similar to ours? How did they form and evolve? What lies at their centers? What are the “supercomputers” that scientists use to study them? These questions and many others will be answered tonight!
University of Southampton

On the formation and evolution of the most massive galaxies in the Universe

Dr. Francesco Shankar (Associate Professor in the Astronomy Group)
Galaxies come in a variety of forms, from discs (such as the Milky Way), to large stellar spheroids. The origin of such a varied zoology is still unclear.
Observations have also revealed that “supermassive” black holes, with masses up to billion times the mass of the Sun, lurk at the center of virtually all galaxies, including our own Milky Way!
In this interactive presentation I will first provide the audience with a basic understanding of galaxy classification. I will then guide the audience in a special tour to the very far ends of the Universe to discover how galaxies and black holes form

The most luminous objects in the universe

Noel Castro Segura (Postgraduate Research Student)
During this talk we will unveil the mystery of quasars, the brightest objects in the universe which lie at the center of some massive galaxies. We will explore their origins and discovery and delve into the most recent studies of these astronomical monsters.

Galaxies in a Supercomputer

Dr. David John Williamson (Postdoctoral Researcher)
A lot of modern research on galaxies is done through massive simulations on supercomputers. But why do astronomers need to make these simulations? How do we make them, what problems do they solve, and what does a “supercomputer” mean in 2018 anyway? Come along and find out!

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