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Time: Tuesday 8.11pm
Cost: £10.00 in Advance | £12.00 on the Door

Stevie says “When you have that something inside you, that feeling be it happy or sad, you just have to let it out. It’s an extremely emotional process and my only way to do that is through song”. For singer-songwriter and Nimmo Brothers co-front man Stevie Nimmo, song writing isn’t something that you plan; it’s something that you need to do.

Born and raised in Glasgow, Scotland, there was always music around as Stevie was growing up. Having never had any guitar or singing lessons Stevie is self taught; but throughout his family there were plenty of people who sang or played some kind of instrument to learn from. After honing his skills with local bands, Stevie and his brother Alan formed The Nimmo Brothers. As The Nimmo Brothers they have toured successfully all over the UK, Europe and America for over 15 years, with five electric and acoustic CDs to their name.

Following a diagnosis of cancer Stevie, now living in France, was forced in 2009 to ease back on his touring schedule with The Nimmo Brothers and spend some months in recovery after a major operation. During this period, focusing on the style of music Stevie listens to ‘off the park’, he wrote most of the songs that now make up The Wynds of Life.

2010 and Stevie is at The Zone Studios in Dripping Springs, Austin, Texas, recording the first Stevie Nimmo CD, The Wynds of Life. Fleshed out with pedal steel, banjo, accordion, B3 and Wurlitzer amongst the other instruments, The Wynds of Life falls under the Americana banner, it is roots music with country and gospel influences along with blues.

Joining Stevie were some of Austin’s best musicians; Michael Ramos – Keys, George Reiff – Bass, Lloyd Maines – Steel Guitars, Pat Manske – Drums, plus special guest David Lee Holt – Guitarist from Storyville. George, Lloyd and Pat are also featured on the current Courtyard Hounds release.

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