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The Nightingales + Cravats

Don't Miss Out
Time: Friday 7.30pm
Cost: £12.00 in Advance | More on the Door


There are drum and guitar bands and then there is the Nightingales, dwarfing the rest, unmatched and utterly underrated in both musical originality and stylistic innovation. – ROCK N REEL *****

The consummate sore thumbs of pop. – SUNDAY EXPERIENCE

Heartening evidence of the British art of mentally transforming ennui and chagrin into something approaching gold. Stitch that, popularity. – MOJO

As original as it is uncompromising. – STOOL PIGEON

With The Fall getting Lifetime Achievement awards and Gang Of Four canonised it is long past time the wayward genius of Robert Lloyd and his cohorts was recognised. – RECORD COLLECTOR

Prophets without honour. – STEWART LEE

They genuinely sound more vital than ever. – UNCUT

A maelstrom of Krautrockin’ grooves, Beefheartian guitars and pummelling percussion. Still scabrous, sardonic and singular, you really wouldn’t want it any other way. – Q

Consistently one of the best live experiences in the country. – BRIGHTON NOISE

How refreshing to hear Lloyd and his raucous hard-bitten charges still pulling off chair-legs and throwing them at the staid musical establishment. As glorious a racket as you could wish to hear. – FLIPSIDE

The surplus of ideas on display is nothing short of dizzying. –  THE FLY

Droll, surly, ace, a proper rock & roll group. – MAIL ON SUNDAY

As difficult, original and wonderful as ever. – BRUM BEAT

An arch glam terrace stomp through UKIP heartland. – SUNDAY TIMES

Contender for gig of the year! – MOJO

Jetted in to my top ten gigs of all time. – PHILL JUPITUS

Nothing short of sheer brilliance. – COLLAPSE BOARD

Worm their way into that itchy bit of the brain that so seldom gets scratched. – GUARDIAN UNLIMITED

Utterly compelling. – SILENT RADIO

A bristling torrent of ideas, anger, danceable rhythms and caustic melody. – THE QUIETUS

There are points where songs are going to implode or be blown apart by the band and Lloyd pulling in many different directions at the same time, but it’s exactly that which keeps them so enthralling and leaves the listener constantly on the edge. – EVEN THE STARS


They’re back and they’re marvellous. – MARC RILEY/6MUSIC

Still stunningly relevant. – LONDON EVENING STANDARD

Puts most contemporary (and younger) “post-punk” bands to shame. – SOUNDS XP

The Nightingales subjugate a rapt and breathless audience with a performance of sinewy magnificence. – DAILY TELEGRAPH

The chaos feels controlled, though never constrained. – LOUDER THAN WAR

Age has neither dimmed their rage or diminished their satire. – PLAN B

As ever, the Nightingales don’t fuck about. Lloyd’s on top of his game and his band are up to the challenge of following him. This as good as they’ve ever been. – SOUNDS XP

A band at the height of their powers. – TASTY

Incendiary and uncompromising. – FLIPSIDE

Wired, edgy, boozy and as dangerous as ever. Robert Lloyd really shouldn’t be this good after all these years, should he? – THE ORGAN

They show up today’s runty excuses of art rockers for the soiled bags of old washing that they are. – KITTEN PAINTING

Brilliant stuff. – THE HERALD, SCOTLAND

Robert Lloyd, the Black Country Captain Beefheart, steamrolls his unwitting inheritors. – SUNDAY TIMES

Fliss Kitson is one of the most amazing drummers you are ever likely to see. – LOUDER THAN WAR

Nightingales are unreal. The level of playing and song writing after their post-punk hiatus is unparalleled by any of their generational comeback cohorts. – TERRE T/WFMU, USA

Consistently excellent, the Nightingales are as ferociously sardonic as ever. – DUSTED, USA

Jangly, angsty, angular, punk, post-punk, just rock and roll, whatever, they destroyed. – ILXOR, USA

Rock ‘n’ roll rarely gets as uncompromising as this. – PLASTELIN, SERBIA

Rock & Roll at its best. – SUDDEUTSCHE ZEITUNG, GERMANY

Lloyd is the most underestimated songwriter of his generation. – THE INDEPENDENT

Presents art-punk-rock ‘n’ roll almost as literary form. – Q

The passion and the care taken to end with this result must be exalted. The future of erudite rock ‘n’ roll depends on the likes of the Nightingales. – TALK PUNK

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